School Philosophy

Hastings Elementary School Philosophy


Hastings Elementary School is a community committed to fostering the highest academic and personal standards.  The students, staff and parents work together to promote a child-centered learning environment.  Our school is a safe, comfortable place where children learn and grow, build self-esteem, and show respect for others.  We believe that successful educational experiences are a priority for all members of the Hastings community.

Our philosophy is supported by these guiding principles:

1. We are committed to providing our children with basic academic skills in the areas of literacy, mathematics, the natural and social sciences, the arts, physical fitness, and communication.

2. We recognize that children are unique and differ in learning styles, development, and experience.  We believe in an adaptive learning environment that accommodates the diverse needs of all students.

3. We encourage children to be risk-takers in order to challenge themselves and reach their full potential.

4. We believe that the responsibility and accountability for our children's education lies collectively with teachers, parents, and students.

Our school philosophy defines who we are and affirms a commitment to continually strive to be our best.  We believe in ourselves, our students, and our school.