Hasting Parent Group(HPG)
Welcome to The Hastings Parent Group page

WHO IS HPG? We are a group of parent volunteers who work to support the Hastings administration and staff. We coordinate school-wide fundraisers, events and enrichment activities for grades Pre-School through Grade 3.

WHAT ARE SOME OF OUR FUNDRAISERS?  Winter festival, Book Fair/Ice Cream Social, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, McTeacher Night, Box Tops, Stop and Shop A+ Rewards and Field Day to name a few.

WHAT ARE SOME OF OUR ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES THAT WE FUND? Literacy Day, Plimouth Plantation, Techsploration, Slater Mill, Mr. and Mrs. Fish, Buses for Kindergarten field trips and Ukuele Night to name a few.

HOW CAN YOU BECOME INVOLVED IN HPG? Being involved in HPG is a great way to see what is happening at Hastings and help support our children’s education as well as meeting other Hastings parents. The biggest way to get involved is to attend our monthly parent group meetings which are held on Thursdays once a month from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Library. Free childcare is provided. Mrs. Becker attends every meeting to give us important updates and also to answer any questions you may have.

Please join our facebook page and follow us on Twitter @HPGwestborough for more information on our programs and events.  

President: Shannon Vallee-
Vice President: Justine Lovely-
Secretary: Shreeja Pillai-
Treasurers: Laurine Hanlon-                     
   Stacey Blumberg-